Monday, July 07, 2008

During yesterday's second gig, a political portrait making session in the midst of the Middling City's Japanese Gardens tucked behind the Historical Society and alongside the lake that was troublingly chartreuse, spotted these clover nestled up in a tree.
Nature, ever full of surprises.

Heard from KennethJ last night, who is still living in Amsterdam, NL after eight years. He, he tells me, is now a father. No word if he's still making art and music - yet.
I do still enjoy the piece I purchased from him, part of my arm/hand collection.
Not to be confused with my tree collection.

Readying for the Hallwalls members's show, always a fun exhib to be part of, it a mishmash of pieces straddling the theme.
This year's theme is an anagram of Barack Obama's name - Karma Cab Boa.
I tried to make another, better anagram of his name to no result.
Not sure if I'll be doing drawing or pixelpushing for this, maybe former.

Time to push onwards editing the ports made yesterday of a politico who I greatly enjoy talking to, a challenger.

Pushing Pixels, Love.