Saturday, May 31, 2008

(For absolute, complete erudition about above, go here).

Well, there Yours Truly was, minding her very own beeswax, scooping up the Middling City News in its festive orange plastic wrapping.
Unfurled the paper to see - OMG - my head above the banner.
In pose crafted this past week with SharonC, holding aloft a small plate of my famed Red Devil Eggs. (1 part hard-boiled eggs, dollops of mayonnaise, jars of red caviar)
Separated sections and then *ka-pow* there was YT again, half-paged.
A few newspeople emailed promptly with OMGs about the size of said likeness.
YT, ever-inquisitive, compared and contrasted the half-page likeness that appeared in the past week of the now-defunct, long-serving (sexist, racist, anti-intellectual) mayor Jimmy Griffin.
My head wins.
My head is larger.
And, as the accompanying story is about the annual Red Dinner created by YT, there are images in colour. His front page screamer photo was printed in black & white.
The newspaper rarely runs photos in larger sizes so it's a rarity, something all urbane denizens note with curious, designcraft abandon.
As I told a pal, there are no misquotes that have me looking at new homebase destinations.
In the past YT has been severely misquoted by reporters for the paper but not today, the day that the 21st annual Artists & Models comes together for one glorious, art party burst of creative high times.
Many details, images, descriptions to follow - I'm fairly certain in a post-party haze of laughter, adrenaline, and tequila breath.

Jubilant Love.