Friday, May 30, 2008

These pieces are entitled Hand and Hanging Grapes, and Hands and Scary Licorice. The Creeleys purchased a copy of the latter.

Voi-freakin-là the two images selected by Jerry for a pending art exhib at Kenan Center, opening in August. Artists who make snappy work centering on food.
Today is the birth anniversary of Kennedy and cannot wait to give him his excellent presents. I, quite possibly, get more excited about birthdays than anyone I know.
For that I am proud.
Setting up of the sanitarium went quite nicely amid the rubble and dust and other effluvium that is Central Terminal.
My sister and I painted a backdrop and Geo did some manipulation of seamless and other materials, and Jana came and helped with the fine tunation of how the flow will flow in the installation tomorrow evening at Unhinged.
Many images certainly to follow.
Did go online, in an experiment of sorts, and ordered yet more Polaroid 600 film that Yours Truly is Perfectly hoarding.

Hordes of Love.