Thursday, May 22, 2008

So many minutes, so many newsbites.
Premierly, my former pubgig, Artvoice, previewed Artists & Models which Yours Truly is part of this pending 31st.
The theme of this year's A&M is Unhinged so YT is fashioning an insane asylum in which any prospective loonie bin customer may purchase a $10 Polaroid (extinct, I might add) of themselves strapped into a straightjacket and restrained upon a gurney.
I have my two bawdy nurses at the ready.
As well as my compensatory tequila.
And oso many props.

So here is the mention:

Nancy J. Parisi allows you to experience what it’s like to be strapped in a gurney in a mental ward, recording the episode with a Polaroid.

Did YT mention that the Polaroid is on the endangered list and is fairly worth the $10. Also, every purchaser will be made to partake of therapeutic arts and crafts and decorate a Polaroid folder that will hold their precious precious souvenir.

Moments ago the Middling City News phoned YT to inquire about my fab, annual Red Dinner. Seems several people living in these environs kept mentioning the party and now a reporter and photog will be showing up next week to give due mad props to this swinging affair completely fashioned as a mid-winter cocktail buffet as a milestone around the time of Saint Valentine's feast.

Feast of Love, Love.