Thursday, December 11, 2008

So the above image, a beloved one, Hand and Skate Eggs, was conjured up by fellow artists - a pair/couple - who wished to own its likeness for their veryown as he makes images of watery things, Nature underneath.
We three are included in a holiday festivus artus and she asked if she could purchase above for his secret present. Only then he somehow read her email (isn't that always the way) so now the secret is kaput.
But not the gift.
It was made by me via the ka-chung Mamiya RZ, 6x7 (as in cm's), and they also dug the look of my standouts, a way of showing work sans the ol' mat & frame routine.
Took the neg to ToddT who superscanned it and made an el grande dig file of it which Yours Truly uploaded to the far-off lab.
ToddT printed up one image on etching paper, a Triumph.
The blacks are a little soft and would need some karate chopping for exhibition purposes but it has a nice depth.
Ordered two 8x10's on papier classique and those are sharp as photonic tacks.
This past few months have been fraught with magic.

I will be sending a note to a Shiney Apple artist who helped me to dislodge all kinds of muck in my mind that kept the Art Zen from flowing properly.
Thee MarkD, maker of lively/lovely semi-abstracted panels, said some sooth and kapoof. He teaches art and I feel lucky to have met him, as well as a few other artists at Justy's wedding in the stony Quaker clutches of Mohonk Mountain House.
Gratitude MarkD.

Had a good time with the Chief Art Mentor this night and although we speak different languages (meaning the diff between one who paints and one who speaks the photog dialect) it was inspiring and reported of the sights seen in the Shiney Apple.
Chiefly, again, Sugimoto.
YT would almost jet off to the SA to spend another few hours in that exhibition, Seven Days and Seven Nights.
It is what the Best Ofs have: Aura, Purpose, Words, Lyrics, Passion.

All for now and over and out.
Time to draw with big fat graphite implements.

Implementing Love.