Friday, December 12, 2008

Quite an interesting surprise discovered whilst digging through old cam bags in preparation for getting together a starter kit for one of Vincenzo's kids today.
There, in an old Tamrac bag (always the bag choice of Yours Truly - woman-owned, good and hale designs) were these items above.
There's such a narrative here that it's overwhelming.
In summary (and this image does also pay lovely homage to one of YT's favoured photog instructors, Marion Faller):
Shiney Apple subway token, two sets of keys to two different living situs in the SA (undisclosed addies), love note from an X (who was in habit of leaving notes in bags of all genres), VS mints (for him, however, guess YT thought the tin less treacly than the XX version), a Fuji (always the color film of choice) creds neckstrap, and some turbo-powered earplugs as YT did for over a decade shoot at least five concerts per week.
As they sing in the tropics,
What a Lovely bunch of coconuts.
Happy memories, intense mems.

Paul T. Hogan's reading last night was a lovely love-filled affair with Jimmie and Geri doing intros.
I was pleased that they both, and he, too, mentioned our Writer's Cramp Series that we co-produced from '81 until '86.
I screened all the t-shirts that we gave as souvenirs to the writers/readers/presenters and Jimmie revealed that she'd never received hers.
YT also, with PTH, co-emceed, alternating our intros.
Paul liked to say Let's get the ball rolling, when it was time to lay off the sauce and get back to poetry/fiction matters at hand.
YT also gleaned all the sponsorships for the series, and designed very 80s-looking posters for the readings ... twice per month.
This was all pre-Mac and these were laid out with ... get this ... PresType.
And half-toned photographic images of mine, illustrations by YT, or images collaged from sources like NYT.
All this while YT had an 80s-era long hair with rakish chopped-off area/bangs that facilitated the leaning over darkroom trays of chems.
Last night YT was told that she inspired bravery in a man.
Because YT is a proud urban pioneer.
I liked this news.

Time to make and do more making and doing.

Love of all this.