Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A yesterday gig was for Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo's 21st Century Club.
This is a most Perfect org with dues-paying memberships and money collected is granted to a community group to fund their growth.
Last night's awardee was Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) that Yours Truly has been intrigued by for a long time: they aid food entrepreneurs with a licensed community kitchen, give job training in food-related arts, have a garden manned by west side neighbor kids, and sell their wares.
The $100K that they received last night during this CFGB biennial event will help them to purchase the Russ's Bakery building at Grand and West Ferry.
YT was there to document the process - the first round of presentations by about a dozen community groups - and then last night's presentations by four finalist groups.
As someone in the crowd of voters and onlookers said, MAP was a slam dunk.
This is exciting for the Middling City's west side, and the cafe attached to the endeavor will (hopefully) be a good site for the satellite office.
Just rollerbladed around the block during a quick laptop break - with Toshi mushing and pulling me along.
Time to split, make, and do.
Amongst other things this fine afternoon YT is interviewing Steve Kurtz about all things in his life Art.

Mapped-out Love.