Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I watched the guy in blue t just suddenly fall over into the Oozfest mud.
It was especially curious as he hadn't just hit a ball or collided with another, equally-muddy bud.
Apparently, and I noted this to my bigU editrix, I am the go-to photog for all things mud-related and for that I am grateful ... and thrilled.
For who does not mind a little mud from time to time.
If you cannot stand the mud, get the F out of the garden, as I am wont to state with florid assurance.
Speaking of lush gardens, had a delivery yesterday at Butler Mansion, as I still call this U.B.-owned property and its demesne.

Did a CEPA auction purchase, the Josh Marks piece up for bids/grabs - wanted to own a piece by him as he's a former collaborator of Yours Truly.
Time to deliver some happiness in the form of images on disc and concurrently get the hell out of this temporary worksite teeming with people whose volumes are cranked to 11. Despite the earbuds are still hearing oso much of their shouts and murmurs.
Perhaps time to start carrying the noise-reducing Bose earphones about.
Ah yes, CEPA auction was much fun - with (as always) fab people/snacks/art.

Self-portrait with Annie at CEPA Auction/Market Arcade for Your viewing pleasure.
Sunday was part of Celia White's Urban Epiphany and, in keeping with the year's rules and outlines, read two pieces.
One about our mucking up the state of Nature, the other comparing Liz to a lily - written on the occasion of her last b-day.

Budding Love, Listening to Love.

+ Go To www.npr.org to see a couple of portraits of a very young war veteran made yesterday.