Monday, April 14, 2008

A view of some backwoods oil rig situ in the southwestern quadrant of our United States, You query.
No, Yours Truly replies in haste.
This is what YT tromped to congregate pixels over, the installation of the new and super-improved tower for WBFO. To apparently send their radio signals to outer space.
It took a while to find the mysterious and new service road that goes half a mile into wetlands that are much of Amherst, New York.
Alone, it was dusk, and YT did what any sensible woman/photog would do - jump on the ol' cellie to have human contact if all hell should break loose. It did not.
YT was wearing the wrong sort of boots. Yes, they kept the feet from getting all muddy, and yes, they were high enough to not get sucked off of my intrepid little feet.
But they had no heels so YT could not ask the team of radio tower installers if she might be able to ascend the little trapeze artist-like ladder to gain exciting access to the interior of the three-sided tower.
I did not even ask, knowing my heel-less boots would prove oso dangerous.
But I did dearly wish to add this derring-do to the ever-morphing c.v.
Moving on to less sluicey matters, more into the rock sphere, here is an image made last Thursday evening of the nephew's band, AmberWood.
They played at the annual Scotty Bowman teen hockey extravaganza at HSBC Arena.
Ever the proud, rock-loving auntie (who did have said nephew accompany her to several rock gigs and all-day fests since his tender age of six), there was much making of images as the band wailed away in quite a tight and formidable fashion.

Proud & Formidable Love.