Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A new phenomenon was born yesterday, due in part to my fav gray square-toed loafies. As I hustled about in the food shoppe to get a few items to eat much later for din, noted that each and every time Yours Truly touched anything in the store I received a jolt. A larger jolt of near heart-stopping level when metal was touched.
I began to watch other shoppers to see if they, too, were getting shocked.
No, they were not.
My theory is that the loafers were creating static charges and, coupled with my frenetic energy du jour yesterday, it created tinglations.
In midst of many gigs this fine day and, grabbing food and working on laptop could not help but hear a loud-mouthed young woman next to my table reporting to her two pals about her Shiney Apple excursion recently.
The city, she regaled, was crowded that weekend because there was a convention of students in town. And, dig this, there's a Friday's on every corner and that is why she ate there. Additionally, she ate at Subway, and Olive Garden over there.
At this point I looked up to take a look at this gustatory and travel boob.
Now, YT admits that there may be a huge slice of the national pop who aims for these sorts of adventures.
YT is thrilled to report that she isn't exactly sure how to find any of the above in the SA.
Upcoming own adventure to include, bien sur, a stop at Alfred's stellar joint.
Seafood salad first plate.

Onwards to more workful matters.

Full of Love.