Monday, February 04, 2008

The very blue image below is of Cellist Fred, an image Yours Truly made this past summer and had floating about on the desktop.
The other very curious image is a hallowed and annual image of Ridge Lee Larry, U.B.'s version of the nation's weather-guessing groundhog. Ridge Lee Larry is stuffed, is twenty-five years old, and is still molting.
But, as is custom, there he stood next to his faux burrow, little sash and party hat in place.
As it was a slushstorm, RLL saw nothing but slush.
So dress accordingly.
This past few days, amongst other things, photographed a mom and daughter and the daughter had a manhole-sized hickey on her neck. I think the mother did not notice this blotch. But YT certainly did.
Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, and YT will be photographing MC MG madness for SoCo, hopping from spot to spot with some SoCo reps in a SoCo wagon.

Tomorrow is NYS Primary Day, dress accordingly.
Dressed in Love.