Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras.
In the reorganizing of artwork and archival material came across some Mardi Gras images made twenty years ago in New Orleans ... or NOLA as it's abbreviated sometimes.
I do recall that trip in great detail as it was all so flash, and documented by Yours Truly. The torchières, the krewes, the madcap crowds, a man punching out a USA Today vending box on the street under careful watch of a cop, the throwing, the catching, the exposing.
One of the most magical bits was going to a party on the levee.
True M-G revelers party all Monday night into Mardi Gras, so right now there are many who have been up for twelve hours and counting.
I would like to exhibit my images from above plus the Jazz Funeral I documented the last time in that city, the funeral procession for Ernie K. Doe - "Burn K-Doe, Burn!"
Time to move, groove, hoove and get ready for tonight's King Cake celebration.
Remember, do not be alarmed when tomorrow you see those with the ashy smudges upon their foreheads.
Non-ashy Love.