Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Trixie (a.k.a. Jodi), who celebrated a Scorpio b-day yesterday (1 mo jubilant b-day wish to yoooou, LA Woman), sent Yours Truly this truly amazing likeness of her Halloween self.
Ah, that parade of alter egos.
For those not in the Trixie Know, she does not usually have such sky-high, rockabillyesque hair.
In our recent correspondence YT asked how many wigs were employed for such effect.
I guess 2.5.
I am awaiting the answer.
She also does not feature ink of that ilk.

There was yesterday, in select parts around these parts, a hail storm.
Not of golf ball proportions but enough to render some of the biways a mushy, murky morass. (Sly ref to the Middling City's Channel 7 parlance of yore, steeped in alliteration.)
Noted that the 33 suddenly was a slow-down and, inching up, spotted the culprit situ - an SUV had gone airborne and landed halfway onto a guardrail.
Emergency road flares and rubberneckers did their post-situ things.
YT, having been in her fair share of car-related fiascoes, does not have a temper flare, contribute road flares, nor rubberneck, sending instead good wishes at the scene as I pass by.

Costume, car, careful Love.