Saturday, November 10, 2007

S U R P R I S E.
Is what we all shouted, after a spell, after we were sure that EL was in the proverbial house!
Alan had mere seconds before stated as he zoomed by Ed and me that She knew.
She does not know, we repeated, and repeated.
She came home with Polly and Cheryl, after a few art jaunts.
It seemed to take forever for them to enter.
Yours Truly was stationed in the middle of the living room, with cam.
As soon as she was well inside the door KaPoof - I flashed at her a few times to capture the second of recognition.
A fab party in honour of her fiftieth.
Made, as is trad, her b-day book stuffed with her likeness, wishes from friends and colleagues.

Readying for an evening of gig.

Surprised Love.