Friday, November 30, 2007

Realized that really, You need to see more more more from World's Largest Disco that transforms a niche of the Middling City into a writhing LoveFest annually.

So, to explicate: an image of one of the editors of Yours Truly doing the World's Most Enthusiastic YMCA ever; images from what YT has dubbed The Chest Hair Project and WLD is a fine place to glean these images as men employ both vrai and faux hairs to grand, disco effect; and some of the faux famous seen such as Evil, Cookie Monster, a ubiquitous boom box enthusiastic of disco era, gay cop of said YMCA penning and performing, and a disco-era Gene Simmons.

Off to the Windiest of Cities shortly for musing, music, art, art making, walk taking.

Easy, breezy Love.