Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For enhancement of Your day and viewing pleasure, here is the likeness of thee Erik Estrada - of CHiPS fame - with Yours Truly, an image made by Photo Pal Joey at World's Largest Disco this past samedi soir.
EE - not to be confused with poet e.e., or the Bummer Road's E.E. - threw his arms around every man and woman in a loving, disco-era gesture.
This was by far the best-ever WLD, the VIP action is hotter than ever, the dance floor seemed more electric this year, and all seemed like a fine-tuned party machine.
Never did see the screen emblazoned with the song that I sponsored in mem of Mark Freeland, hoping it was a disco tune more on the funky end of things - this would have pleased him.

Still absolutely haunted by the following recipe (blithely, in quotes) that was recited to YT a few days before T-G by one who is in my Perfect sphere.

Two cans cream corn.
One can regular corn.
One egg, beaten.
One handful crushed crackers.
One quarter cup sliced scallions.
Mix together and slather into baking dish.
Crumble another handful of crushed crackers atop the whole danged thing.
Bake for a while.
This is called Scalloped Corn.
When I heard mention of Scalloped Corn, and being ever-inquisitive - as well as culinary - had to know, just know, what the h.e.double-hockey-sticks it is.
Another item that is added is pimentos. But this seems oso uncritical.
My recipe reciter stated:
It calls for pimentos, but all I had in the house was roasted red peppers. I put those in.
I did want to tell the reciter that they are one in the same, but did not.

Onwards to windy, somewhat sun-stippled Middling City points beyond.

Sipped, stippled Love.