Sunday, July 08, 2007

Worked a gig yesterday, the ultra-auspicious 7.7.07, with documentary filmmaker Jon Hand - always up to some docu-project and with a wry wit that is a gas.
He said he saw my Ansel Adams exhib review in the Shiney Happy Mag and had liked it, another person inspired to make the somehow longish-seeming drive to Rochester off the Empire State's 90s ... 190 to 90 to 490 to there, nearly.
We talked projects - mentioned one I formulated that I ran by Catherine Parker at our tea date on Friday afternoon. She's in, Jon suggested I find funding before I lift a cam at the appointed subject-to-be.
At some point yesterday, observing a man with a bum leg, stated that I would like to ask the man what had happened to the leg. Jon said You're wonderful.
I rebutted that Yours Truly has always suspected a sort of grace, a relief when a bum appendage might be discussed rather than confronted with evasion, if done up in a respectfully inquisitive manner.
Plus the man with the bum leg had such an outlaw aura about him I could only imagine the leg had met with some tragic ending, or part of the leg, or the partial use of the leg.
This job was out in Youngstown, along the Niagara north of Lewiston, a strip of homes and shoppes. There are great and secret pockets of Manhattan Project-era sizzling waste sites nearby, as on various obscure Middling City blocks.
Speaking of obscure, yesterday missed a MapQuest finepoint, heading into Fort Niagara in Youngstown instead of Water Street to get to the YYC, the town's yacht club replete with cocktails, ropes, yachts, seasideworthy rose bushes, a few racist comments, and a smattering of striped sweaters.
Today is part two of the MC's Taste Of, this year emphasizing, according to media reportage and adverts, health. This strand of stands has always been noted for promoting lots of fried health antidotes but this is the new anti-war, anti-global warming, anti-saturated fats world.
Yesterday was Al Gore's lovely Live Earth 7.7.07 concert event on every continent. If I had had no all-day gigs yesterday, my ass would have been snoozing on a plane on 7.6.07 heading toward the Shiney Apple and then Giants Stadium although London had a far better lineup.
It is time for more non-day of rest making & doing.
The MC has a nice gray sky which makes those greens pop, no PhotoShop necessary.

Popping green Love.