Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today is, bien sur, Bastille Day.
It is also the eve of Annie's birthday, and Iron Girl, a triathlon for all of the Solid Gold Bookers bunch of girls created by Yours Truly.
Made cassoulet after comparing and contrasting about a dozen recipes for it and then just wung it. Did recall quite vividly the cassoulet made by Pahts many years ago - his homemade baking dish he made in Maine, the confit that was aged, the cassoulet served to about a dozen friends along with an appropriate wine.
He would, to be sure, look askance at my version with breasts of duck only and trimmed of fat to boot, sausages removed from casing.
Tried it, it is Revolution-worthy.
The girls will be here at 5 and at 6:30 we will be on the lanes of Voelker's.
Then roller blading/skating.
Then karaoke splendorizing.
Then perhaps to see the loungey version of Terry Sullivan's band.
Then the triathlon, Iron Girl, will be complete.
Designed the snappy shirt and we'll each have those on proclaiming that we're doing all the above events, and our love of fromage.
Yesterday was tree and yard maintenance day, performed with Fats and Pops, the parents of YT.
They make these tasks fun and of course all the slicing and dicing of Nature takes a fraction of what it would be if YT were out there solo chopping, mowing, and the like.
Afterwards, took Fats and Pops out for lunch, at McCarthy's down on Hamburg Street, a triumph of the historic Old First Ward.
Onwards for Iron Girl prepping.
Many details to follow, You can be assured.

Iron and Ironic Love.