Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yesterday was interviewed by StevieB's lovely lady Kelly for a piece about Artists & Models for Buffalo Rising Online. She made a digvid of Yours Truly for possible inclusion in an accompanying podcast and one of her last questions was about my cooking prowess – she was one of the twenty supping on my spring/ICP-inspired menu last month.
Kelly has been recording with Robbie Goo et al at Chameleon West and from her descrips and stories of her singing history it was hard to imagine what the product of those studio hours would be: girl with gospel background, rollicking bass player, knob twirlers of various ilks.
I gave her a lift downtown after our interview/lunch and she shoved her in-progress two-tracked (at this juncture) disc into the appropriate slot en-dash and omigosh and voilĂ , great dance music. She can sing for real.
At first I thought she sounded Pinkish, kind of aggressive and gutteral where needed but as I heard more I thought Nope, better. And I am a Pink fan. And, as I told StevieB tonight, she writes better songs and they're way more interesting than that twerpy boozer Lady Sovereign. And I'm a fan of hers, to boot.
So tonight was an artist meeting at Central Terminal for pending Artists & Models. I commented to Meg Knowles, also on the scene as she is making & doing for this grand fete, that it is astounding how in so many short years so many people stripped out so much and destroyed that giant space so very well. The surrounding neighborhood is now, pretty much, a ghost town with its former homes, bars, restaurants, corner stores. It would be a great movie set. The east side was, until even the 90s, a quadrant of the Middling City where, on a lark, a gaggle of us (and loads of others) would wend our way over for Polish food, some laughs in a crusty and well-equipped corner bar full of memorabilia and crusty neighbours.
*this just in*
Literal Harold is on a rooftop in San Diego on another press junket via Sony. He was talked shop at and now his fun may begin, the payoff, if You will. He mentioned the possibility of a Padres game, a sidetrip to Mexico. Nothing much about the goodie bags. Yet. I think the inclusion of YT on said trip would have made it oso much more raucously good fun. But, oh, right, getting away this time of year is as possible as Father Baker getting canonized this weekend. Double bummer.
Kennedy is in Spain, where I should or could have been. This would be time numero trio that YT has not been able to jet off to Spain. Sparky says there must be a reason for this and it is does seem soothful of her.
Off to do some prep things for Cheryl's lavish dinner created by a group of us for tomorrow evening, for her fiftieth b-day.
And, on another, warbling note, iTunes's email's subject line in the inbox mentions a new release by Paul McCartney.
Is this to prevent me from instantly deleted it.
It did not work.

John Lennon Forever, Love.

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