Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liz just emailed me, Catherine, honoree/very-recently-past bday girl Cheryl, and Polly to give us the tally of what we sipped on as we supped.
Quite impressive indeed. We champagned Cheryl's birth and Yours Truly put out a call for work online about a month ago to a long list of friends, colleagues, relatives of Cheryl's for b-day wishes and images.
Selected Flora's (her daughter) collage of her and her mom surrounded by a pen and ink drawing for the cover.
This took many hours to get together and had it spiral bound via some helpful Kinkoists.
Stuffed the inch-thick book into a garment giftbox with tissue paper and some dish towels that were very Cheryl-appropriate so she wouldn't see what was underneath them for a bit.
It's been a trad with this circle of pals that YT makes sign-in/wish books for friends arriving at 50. As Cheryl wanted a very intimate dinner of her inner circle several would not be there to sign a book. Left some empty pages, however, for her to pass the book around at a few other, post-b-day gatherings planned in her honor.
Did a classic encompassing EveryoneHere image at the evening's near-end.
Some technical issues with that little Leica.
It is in time-out.
Pushing pixels merrily before back-to-back planned outings.
Today is Mark's b-day. Happy b-day to Mark. At midnight last night we toasted his birth.
Tonight is the Nullstadt re-emergence at Hallwalls, a flashback to wayback over there when, when the Continental (the fount of dancefloor inspirations and so many rock and roll tales and experiences of YT) was running full-tilt.

Full-tilt dancefloor Love.

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