Thursday, May 03, 2007

For the first time in human, art-making history Hallwalls has printed up a poster for Artists and Models with artist names on it.
I have to stumble down memory lane and recall the premier Artists and Models in downtown Middling City with films by Kevin Fix, fashion show by Steve Gallagher, and oso much more. It was a slammin' party and I got involved thereafter as artist and model. And at A&M #2 had work included in the Reject Show, of works rejected from Albright-Knox's WNY exhibition. Before it became the sprawling, incomprehensive series of shows that it is today.
Speaking of AKAG (and more A&M recollections to follow), was there for Kennedy's concert of Roscoe Mitchell and was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Francis Bacon installation. Not yet. That opens tomorrow but Yours Truly is missing the grand op for a gig.
YT needs to get hold of an old-fashioned opaque projector to make large-scale paintings once again, as I did for another A&M with a circus theme. Attendees could stick their heads through and become Saint Sebastian, Fat Lady, Snake Charmer, etc.
This year's transformational panels will feature all things nocturnal.
Dark, shady, street-loving, moon-blooming, and the like.
Last night, speaking of moon-blooms, went with Kennedy to hear and see Acid Mothers Temple at SoundLab, a rollicking 70s-infused rock band from Nippon/Japan.
The four men in the band are avid and two have heads of incredible hair-long, shaken all over the place for full rock effect.
The femme in the band is kind of Stevie Nicksing along with scarves, hands all curled up to the rock heavens, some warbling when needed, a wrist shakey instrument.
In the midst of the set I kept meandering to the front of the stage for a divergent rock perspective, in the throes and deep in the notes.
There was one rapturous guy doing what YT has termed an Esmerelda Dance-a rare male doing the Esmerelda Dance.
Also in the midst of the set I said into Kennedy's ear
There's a new trend in Tokyo, Male Gals, gyaru-o, boys who dress like girlies and wear makeup and go tanning. There was a New York mag sidebar outlining some of the products these gyaru-o fellas use, including something called Moving Rubber Grunge Mat (Love always Love those Japanese names) for $7 (that'd be about 15¥) which is super-stiff hair goop.
Recalling the hair goop of the 80s now, coming full circle back to the Artists & Models inception. Big hair, strong hair goop, shoulder pads (*cringe*) odd fashion twists like cloth gloves for some occasions. And oso much much more.

Artistmodelmusic Love, Love.

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