Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Apparently my stray cat pal, Extra, is an advocate, a practitioner of Santeria.
A few nights ago I made Kennedy and me some fab squid ink pasta and salmon and other special ingrediently mélange.
We did not finish it and Kennedy says You know how we eat leftover fish dishes, give it to Extra.
Extra nibbled out the fish bits.
Later I looked out to discover a beheaded bird near his food bowl.
He was very proud of his little killing spree, standing very tall in the sunshine.
I told him what a great hunter he is.
And I raised an eyebrow not at his Santeria practice but that just when you think you know someone, sometimes you like so do not.
I do recall that Santeria advocates killed and beheaded just like Extra did to speed Fidel along to good health.

Blooming spring, beheaded birds Love.

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