Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My highly excellent tax lady, Valerie, just completed the package.
As I am wont to write and say, she is as much a life coach as a tax preparator.
She told me that We had until today at minuit and she trudged through all the receipts and such and I just met her and her pal over at a diner to get the goods and pay her for her work and give her her special surprise, a giftcard for Target.
For who in hell cannot use a giftcard for same.
I ask You.
Due to the horrific happening in VA there are today and onwards memorial ceremonies the world over, especially at especially-empathetic collegiate places.
Yours Truly is photographing one such gathering tomorrow and I was trying to recall the last time I had to do something of this nature, another convocation of people from all walks and spiritualities.
Students will be wearing memorial pins in the colors of Virginia Tech.
This event inspired a whole bevy of very bad dreams and YT thinks a positive outcome would be that the world takes better notice and changes the overwhelmingly violent and brazenly disconnected culture around us.
Connect for real.
VF has their annual Green Issue out now and amid it is a primo quote by Prince Charles, how people are disconnected from Nature, they can witness beautiful Nature docs all they want, and turn them off.
Same tangential motto is that people are disconnected from Nature, and human nature.

*this just in.
I am writing briefly today to confirm that you have been selected to participate in NOCTURMINAL, the twentieth version of Hallwalls’ Artists & Models Affair at the Central Terminal June 2, 2007. - John Massier

This means that YT will be a featured artiste in this Hallwalls fundraising hoopla at Central Terminal.
And now to turn the home office hovel into a studio - quick.

Terminal Love.

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