Friday, April 20, 2007

. . . and back again for a brief refueling of sorts before jetting off again.
As I told the Girlie Gang last night during our extended replay over at that cold (and, when they dial down the thermo as the hour gets trop late, frigid) Toro, 'tis the season when Yours Truly subsists on reception food. Cheese cubes (one of the three basic flavours depending upon mood-orange, beige, spicily-speckled), bottled water, carrot sticks, random finger foods.
Met the girls out after a 13-hour, intense day that completely rocked-in images, conversations, thoughts.
Called Vincenzo en route and asked him to guess how many hours since YT had brushed all the teeth.
12, he guessed.
13, I corrected.
Today was the inauguration of Hilbert's nouvelle president, Cynthia Zane, who has actually been on duty for about one year already. It is official. Well, nearly not so when her medalion with bas-relief Hilbert College icon went all missing and former SUNY Chancellor Bob Bennett stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and proffered up his own SUNY medallion. Wrong ribbon colour, wrong medallion color but it was something.
Photographed her later with vrai one.
To date have been hired to document three inaugurations - Muriel Moore Howard at Buffalo State College, John Barclay Simpson at UB, Cynthia Zane at Hilbert.

Literal Harold used one of my gaming images from Sicily and posted today about this Mario Puzzle Bobble.
I told him the image's visual provenance, if You will.
An espresso rest stop area, open-air, plane trees outside, sunny day.
A place in Siracusa.
By the water, but, then again, nearly everything in Sicily is near the water.
Off to points beyond.

Pointed Love.

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