Friday, July 14, 2006

Colour Yours Truly absolutely perplexed as to how it has taken this long for the second disc of Beth Orton's pass in time to be spun on the hi-fi. Three years to be exact. I am utterly amazed and gleeful as it really is summer cd parfait. This is the one with the haunting song made with the ChemBros - Where Do I Begin.
Dropped about a dozen or so of my grain elevator images (drawings, photographs) on the gallery near the teahouse. Propped them up alongst the walls and assume I'll get some sort of call as to when the non-public hangings are to happen, to hash out details of a reception involving the usual sundries and sips.
Off to a slew of girlie gatherings for various occasions - live music, the birth anniversary of beloved Annie, gardens.
Of the garden variety, lunched along the Middling City's bustling avenue and it actually felt urban. I was transfixed.

Transfixed, focused Love.

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