Friday, September 19, 2003

Well I'm at ol' Peace Bridge, at the one Middling City fringe, and fishing about for quarters to pay the $2.50 toll when I was suddenly startled by the manic and very loud voice of the man toll taker. TAKE YOUR TIME... FOCUS... FOCUS... YOU'RE DOING FINE...
At the end of our transaction he handed me a small plastic packet the size of those crack baggies you find on the ground. Now with his kooky behaviour and all I admit in a flash I thought he WAS handing me a crack baggy. It was one of those giant LifeSavers. Wintergreen. Tasty. I sucked on it for about three minutes and tossed it from my moving vehicle, over the side of the bridge.
I went to Orangeville, more specifically, Hockley, Ontario, to have needles inserted into my accident-addled shoulder, to be snapped and cracked and popped. I feel different now, more... focused (or was that the toll taker) and postured.
My online class is a bit of a flaming fiasco and all of us 15 are apparently in the same chaotic boat.

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