Monday, August 25, 2003

Why you are glad you're not my neighbor, part 32:
yesterday I entertained Rio, Ron and their kids Lily and Ace and ferfucksake I don't want to send children off, back onto the highways and biways of this great land, without a proper pyrotechnical send-off.
I busted out a small pyrotechnical display and one of them was really loud, I mean so loud and whizzing by ol' whatzizname's open window (what is that guy's name, the next door drunk?, the creepy man who hates his own kids, really thick glasses... anyhow) I'm sure he was awakened abruptly from sleeping off his night of Adolf's goodness from down the block.
Off now to points beyond to deliver my photographic goods.
Tomorrow it's off to skewel to register, to activate the fall term membership.

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