Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I approached the dad with the boy with the extreme wall eye and inquired thusly:
Is this venison jerky any good?
The dad looked shocked (perhaps it was my Neil Diamond concert t and we WERE in the throes of white trash Penn mountains) and referred me to the son... He'd know.
Me to wall eye: Is this any good? (holding aloft the venison jerky, priced at 99cents)
Yes, answer.
Sucked on that jerky for a good half hour listening to classic rock along the route to NYC.
Road trip perfection: CCR, other classic rock tunes, a good strong voice, a good strong cuppa joe and a slim salty fix of venison jerky shot and fabricated in PA.
Just stuffed the car into al fresco bistro expensive parking, after a mathematical discussion/debate with the man in charge of the big P.
Tomorrow registration, arbitration, administration and then a reception for us, the grad people of New School U.
Rock on road scholars.

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