Monday, February 10, 2003

1. Rewinding a video and then chancing upon Janeane (sp?) Gareafolo in I'mSmart! glasses being all sanctimonious and labeled Peace Activist on FoxNews rather than comedian and, eschewing her usual label, she played the serious gal whilst looking stern. As I stated moments afterwards, she looked like a comedian schooled at the Stipe, Merchant & Bono School for Causes. I feel differently about her. Yes, war sucks. But her delivery was too... too... out of character.

2. Minding my own business I attended a girlie dinner soirée which ended in a Joe Millionaire debacle as we sat around a television set at the behest of a Girl Scout Leader who was so enamored that we enabled. So after 60 minutes of poofery nothing happened. I counted down, à la New Year's Eve 10 more minutes to resolution, 5 more minutes to resolution, 4 more minutes to resolution. And. Nothing. No resolution. As one of us pointed out, ohso wisely, we watched because we thought it was theee last. The apish man had two bimbos to select from, both non-prizes. All further tossing gasoline onto Osama's Anti-American fire, if you ask me. Where was Garofolo to stop this pithy nonsense? Probably busying herself spraypainting No Bush League Presidents for Oil Wars placards or the like.

My opined and obvious LOVE.

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