Tuesday, February 11, 2003

So I walk into the home of a client to deliver some of my photo work this evening.
Her and her husband have the t.v. on CNN/The Paranoid Channel and so begins this scenario.

Her: Did YOU hear about the duct tape thing?
Me: Yes, I did... can you believe...
Her: SEE, I TOLD you that was real. He didn't believe me (dramatic over-gesturing at Him).
Him: (sends me over a little wink and head nudge as if to say Yup, I KNEW that whole duct tape thing was real but was funnin' with her)
Her: I went to a convenience store today to buy water and they were ALL OUT.

(And on this goes for a long while, her explaining the evacuation plan of her kids school and how there are bomb shelters in her neighborhood and how the terrorists could look just like anyone walking into any building - she repeats this 3x - until I steer her to the photo matters at hand)

Next stop for me was a board meeting for Buffalo Society of Artists.
Because of aforementioned I'm running a bit late and am surprised that half the board is not there.
Me: So where is everyone?
President: I guess the weather kept them away...
Me: Or maybe they're home taping up their windows.
Treasurer: GUH-HUH, someone with a sense of humour.

Moral: Gallows humour, laughing in the face of absolute crap, is better than pale-faced tomfoolery. Under the overarching orange-red of Code Freak-Out stay close to who and what matters. Know when to step off the news media trail.

Subtly bossy love.

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