Thursday, September 05, 2002

"I dreamed of a circle, I dreamed of a circle round. And in that circle was a face. Her eyes looked upon me with fondness. Her warmth coming near, calling me 'sweetness,' calling me 'dear.' But I whispered 'no, I can't rest here.'" - Merchant

So I'm brushing all of my teeth, last night or early, they all blend together, and VH1 is on as the news is insufferable as of late, and there on the screen is a man who I swear is Rob Buck, but from three or four or more years ago when he was plump and seemingly healthy and I'm amazed, thinking I'm watching a televised ghost until the end of the video and the info-area says it's Uncle Kracker's lead singer. Not Rob.
That leads me to thinking about old, ancient 10KM Days and all my compiled band stories and experiences which leads to the reaching for Our Time in Eden before all hell broke loose with Her/Merchant leaving, the band imploding for a while, grabbing a hold of Mary and John who were doing just fine without them, ensuing small and large chaoses and then Rob's untimely, tragic death.
Circle Dream is a compact and effective Her/Merchant item.
And art moves on.
Old stylish shoes get dated and beat to shit, prized guitars get auctioned off, new methods of image making are explored, art openings are imminent and dreams crash with wake.

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