Thursday, March 14, 2002

In order to avoid a possible vehicular homicidal situation I veered offpath away from a rolled up carpet in my way, in front of the building I was parking in front of, last nigt. This resulted in the car's right side mirror ending up in a dangling condition. For one instant I imagined one of a bevy of homeless people near the office building wrapped up in the carpet taking a deep (perhaps booze-induced) snooze = veering. And now I am certain that my face will be hanging up any day now in Subaru leasing offices and dealerships throughout the land: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LEASE ANOTHER SUBARU TO THIS INDIVIDUAL. One boy colleague and boy artist assured me that it's not quite as bad as I think it is. I do not believe them. I think they wanted to avoid a non-smiling Nancy with a non-laughing face.

Today's super rock surprise is, as of noon, ultra-public.
The secret was leaked to me about a week ago that the Goo Goo Dolls were playing a free and MTV-sponsored gig at Albright-Knox Art Gallery. I contacted my MTV pal and some local rock promoting types to get a big IN, the big C(redentials).
Teenaged Middling City students believed they were on an art foray and were led into a sculpture court. The stage was wrapped with floor-to-ceiling plastic and all camera people were hidden behind curtains. I was onstage with the band, waiting for the curtain to fall, so I could shoot reactions.
A gallery docent said, This artist creates with what many feel is a difficult material to work with - they work in rock.
Curtain falls and 150 students are stunned and then rocking out (except a handful of Hispanic students with arms crossed and pouting lips).
This ("Jammin'") airs on MTV April 8th or 9th. The room was swirling with rock & roll, students having probably the best concert experiences of their teenaged lives, a dozen or so video camera shooters running about, some adult onlookers, a cranky curator thinking of asking everyone (including me) to get down off the Jenny Holzer marble benches for better views of overall mayhem and then deciding against it, one way-rocking out geeky teacher in archetypal brown cord jacket, a few boy colleagues and me (documenting more Goos history for MTV and the Middling City alterna-paper).
If you watch the show you might see me, in my excellent black fuzzy jacket and most wonderful new HYDE shoes.
All for now, love.

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