Saturday, March 16, 2002


Last night, amongst other engagements and duties and social irresponsibilities, made a stop to see and hear two bands of boys I know. More importantly, following is what I wore yesterday evening. Glancing at my new DIAMOND GIRL shirt from Neil's recent Middling City show I knew it was the wise and perfect choice, worn with the SoHo gold overprinted suede jacket which glimmers like the eyes of Elvis post-pillpop. A night of rock music appreciation deserves an appropriate dual musical superstar brandishing.

But before arriving at the supersets shot a local reggae cover band and when leaving, hitting the sidewalk, passed two women. One of them turned around and said Hey, DIAMOND GIRL, still walking. I shouted after her Were you at the show? Yes, she said, but I didn't buy that shirt, I bought the one with the flag on it. Oh, I murmured, sort of slightly taken aback by this stranger's merch choice. She said I'm really patriotic. (But, I'm thinking, why a flag when one's boobies can be emblazoned with the words DIAMOND GIRL?). So then I shouted, as a parting gesture of Neil Luvv Unity, WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE NEIL SONG? Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon the answer.
Her pal, non-believing, laughed.

My suggestion to you, blogee:
Strike up a random conversation with a stranger and discuss Neil Diamond.
Or, in a public place, hum or sing (whichever seems most appropriate) a Neil song. Cover a Neil song under your breath to make others happy, spread the love. And try it with arm gestures to boot.
Love & Over & Out

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