Friday, November 19, 2010

The Card, It Came. Holy Shit.

So utterly minding mine own business, as is my customary and usual and hard-learned wont, I went to fetch the mail. And there in the pile of ridiculous holiday-themed catalogs to be recycled without a glance, were the art cards.
The post cards.
The post cards to announce the show, the exhibit, the collection of ten hanging at 68 Jay.
The thing that Yours Truly think about these days and gets that flutter and reflutter.

I chose this image, Hand Made Orchid, for the card, an image that came from the last waning moments of a shoot with model Jeremy, as we talked at the end of a productive few hours with him and Heady, whilst listening to Miles and the sage burned and YT played with some aging white petals, a juniper berry, some wire and fashioned an orchid out of it all.
A triumph.
And it's the lead image this time around, for Only Sky.
The alternate title for the last show, River of Sound.
A title run by, and approved, by DKNY, one of the NJP Sounding Board Members.
She of ever-strong opining in all things art, fashion, food, cocktail.
Speaking of such, last Sunday was thee most Perfect of Sundays whereby YT jetted off to the Shiney Apple with two hand-made (no, not orchids) art cases of the 10 - 4 and 6 face to face, with padded corners and wrapped tightly in plastic before being bound with bright pink and bright blue duct tape.
And there were padded handles.
And all fit into the JetBlue overhead space like a reve - one more mm and there would have been tears, and gate checking.
And then all went lugging off to the AirTrain, the A Train, the bus down Jay, down the block, around the block, up the stairs for a respite until meeting SteveW at 10, and then the depacking, the hanging, the exuberance, the Joy, the completion, the brunch with Justy & Gretch, the OTTO first-foray with DKNY, the celebratory last call, the reves more more more.
The sweet sugar plum Shiney Apple dreams that YT musters over there (pointing).
And now the postcards, the announcement, the opening on December 7th.
The new flip video cam another small triumph as YT had it customized with Lobelia Wire Hand on its face.
The HD and anti-shake a thing of wonder.
For real onwards.

Onwards Love, Onwards.