Friday, July 09, 2010

Crush of Lifetime, Crunch of Ankle.

Another Perfect gem from the Accidental Frame Series by Yours Truly.
This was on location during a gig - softbox, wire, wood.
And this is a real treat, a YouTube piece by the one and only rock and free jazz cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm of me and him doing some documentation of each other in a circular fashion.

As the Middling City is awash with cinematic rain YT sends out happiest wishes and memories to GFS whose birthday is today. Love from Your muse.

So here is a recap of one of the latest Perfect Adventures, literal mis-steps, and happenstances: the twisting of the ankle and the creation of the demi-golfball purple thing on tap dancing foot at the tail end of the Channel 2 ~ Daybreak's Here for YOUUUUUUUUUU ... we are 2 ... on your side" ~ filmed yesterday during a 90+ degree heat wave.

Whatever a heat wave truly is, having no real meteorological tendencies.

So Shewwy asks YT to sing the above jingle for a new spot - YT was in another Channel 2 spot in which YT held up a sign while first looking ominous/serious and then gleeful/enthralled with the Central Terminal over my shoulder.
As YT has chosen to building own and just love the MC's lesser-known and less-trendy historic Old First Ward many align post-industrial sites with YT. Hence the Central Terminal, one of many beat-up, grand memories. But at least it still stands, unlike the lost Larkin Building. And others.

So yes, I say, wanting to be ever so helpful, and add that I'd like to tap dance, too, as my lessons are temporarily abated due to lack of quorum so YT grabs any and every tapportunity to work the balls and chains.

The tap extravaganza at Gabriel's Gate is another story altogether.

So tapping happens yesterday alongside Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park, early afternoon just when the hot rays of the sun are beating down in a most unflattering and unhealthy manner.

Tap! Tap! Tap! on the dock until Shewwy says that the sound of tapping really is not impressive enough on the fiberglas and how about tapping instead on concrete. Here YT imagines Karen Camp of DanceCamp fame, the latest and not last dance instructor of YT et al, shuddering at the thought of the steel meeting the hot cement, the scraping of the taps. But it did indeed sound great.

And the taps are about 1/8" thick so assumedly there's more to scrape/lose.

Did more takes of tapping, trying not to look too heated, and then did some elegant flying karate kicks.

Then got the brainy idea to do a little tapping on the steps that lead from the banks of the still and green Hoyt Lake to Lincoln Parkway and the AKAG - a moderne point beyond.

On steps tap tap tapping until snapping happened, that awful ankle crunch that YT has experienced before - that crunching that brings one to one's immediate knees.

Immediate Knees - note, another Perfect band name.

A purple demi golfball popped up, and off I hobbled for some ice and sympathy. In lieu of tea and said sympathy.

Sped off to Kennergy's and then points beyond for the appropriate ankle fixing tools.

Onwards then to editing, a foray with Heady, and much more edits.

In a few short hours a gig for a college, what was to be a nice outdoor affair but aforementioned cinematic rain has rendered that a non-happening.

Time to make, do, move along. With a ginger candied ankle moving ever so gingerly upon it.

But no complaints - Simon Griffis is departed, a few friends battle microscopic cancer battles in their bodies, the gush of oil is past ninety days, and the world is indeed less than Perfect but all we can do is our own Perfect best.

Thoughts roam to the pending art show, the drawings, the images, the sketches.

Love of Cinematic Rain, and Love of big sketches of possibility.