Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Infraction Triad

There Yours Truly was truly minding my own business, jogging away from the audaciously-parked vehicle to attend a little meet-up of creative entrepreneur types who wanted tasty bits of information for using this very type of platform - le media social - to enhance one's biz brand.

Yes, the car was in an NJP-type of situ as the ill-designed lot behind the zinc-plastered Burchfield-Penney Art Center is very very tiny indeed.

As I neared the doors a nice man in a black sedan stopped YT to ask if I knew where to leave his own vehicle. I did not. I suggested that he park behind my vehicle in its fabricated spot. He skeptically looked in that direction and moved along to points unknown.

A woman grabbed what could have been his spot. When YT emerged from the social media review there this quarter-page bit of yellow awaited - a PARKING VIOLATIONS WARNING with three encircled infractions: (all in caps, again) NO PARKING PERMIT DISPLAYED, PARKED IN ROADWAY, AND TOW WARNING.

Despite all this the nice officer had taken into sensible account that YT was probably at the social media throwdown sponsored by Small Biz Development Center, who'd warned us that once the event was over we should all run screaming toward our vehicles as the police would be awaiting with tickets.

YT especially likes the scan of the badge - a nice visual touch that says authority despite its blur.

Onwards to more P audaciousness.

Love of P Challenges.