Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Encounters of Profundity.

A scintillating new series crafted by Yours Truly for your erudition and enjoyment, much like the whole of epinw, and the ever-illustrative Accidental Frame Series.

EoP 1.
Whilst working on a story for the Shiney Happy Mag, a Pulitzer-worthy piece on some select Middling City dives and the like with Sherry as winggirl, encountered one Eric. Eric is nephew of a former boss.
Eric is a hellion of a certain genre, and tippling nearby is Eric's dad, as well as some others who had just been out boating in and around the picturesquely Perfect waters of the Old First Ward.
We are all talking at the bar, me taking important notes as well as photographic images of the scene, when suddenly Eric informs me that I am juvenile.
What Eric meant is that YT appears to be youthful - as my hair was pulled back and I was in an oso good mood, laughing with Sherry on our barscursion.
Our four eyebrows lifted skyhigh and then I asked him what he meant.
You know, he said, you're sophomoric.
Another compliment.
And YT took it as such.

EoP 2.
Whilst minding my own business and crossing the Peace Bridge, came up to the paying lane at a rakish angle as there was a rash, last-moment lane change.
The man in the tollbooth was suddenly outside his booth, waving frantically and saying something.
When I got closer to hand him dollars, not loonies, nor toonies, he, in a wild-eyed fashion, handed YT one of those individually-wrapped LifeSaver© mints - congratulating YT on attempting a great job (in facetious tones and undertones of irony), whilst approaching said booth.
Another compliment.
And YT took it as such, as I did the mint.
I did not eat said mint.

Minty, complimentary Love.