Friday, July 10, 2009

Yours Truly has been in a workus maximus state all this lovely livelong day, and is about to embark on a weekend of wedding shooting. And the weather looks like it will be the first spate of non-monsoon days in some time.
YT, mind You, does not mind the overcast, photo-Perfect days.
Nor the cooler weather that brings flowers to their toppermost potentials.
The bee balm is at chin level when it's usually about two feet tall, about two-thirds of a meter methinks in Canadian.

Speaking of Canadian, heading up north to Hillebrand for a menu and hopefully tasty Canadian vino on Sunday to fete the near-Bastille Day B-day girl.

Speaking of toppermost, image is Lower Manhattan: Ninety Choristers. A Perfectly Zen moment when an op of Artistic props bounds forth from the situ at hand.
En route to a gig found this. Shot this. And so on.
Submitted this image to Hallwalls for their upcoming art auction in August and was told, in short, that the image does not fit the oeuvre of YT at all.
To my utter bemusement.
As an artist one cannot always assume absolute knowledge or explication of one's work as it's left the process and takes on its own life in the world where it is met with the thoughts and opinions and past beliefs of others.
So HW has asked that I not give them this piece and that I submit something Edgier.
YT did remark back that street work has been part of what I've been doing photographically since 1981, which led to documentary work of people's interior spaces, then zooming ahead to industrial landscapes, to street moments and street green.

The Parsons MFA thesis show, my work within, was dubbed EndWork and was all found moments and street green images.
So this is in part part of what YT does for art's sake.
And my work has never been described as Edgy.
I find it a curio.
YT will give HW another piece, they'd like a studio shot - from the interactively organic and ongoing hand series - but a new one has to be printed.
The last bit of this series was printed out on stand-outs and a work under glass is better for an auction, the trad print/mat/frame concept.


Trad Love, Madly in Love.