Friday, April 10, 2009

Snippets on this Good Friday.

There Yours Truly was, truly minding her very own business, meandering back from a coffee expedition to Grant Street of all places, and heading in a southwesterly fashion. Suddenly it became of immense import to divert to LaSalle Park to make some images of ice on the water, in lieu of preparing the box of tax crap for the nice tax man who YT does not know but who was referred by Dorota and who is now lovingly referred to as YT's tax guru of sorts.

Yesterday after a gig and shopping for some birthday gifts for tonight's SGB birthday throwdown, went to get a pedi at some joint in the suburbs, probably former marshland. As is my workaholic wont, laptopped the entire time. It is important to YT to make productive use of this time in midst of Asian arcana, oversized vinyl chairs installed with rollers and pinchers, curious signage and other women on the g.o. go.
At the end of the pedi the nice man at my feet required my attention, pointing at my large toes. Yes, I said, nice job.
He looked flustered and walked away. To get a dictionary, YT presumed.
He reemerged with a faux nail display with all sorts of strange hashmarked nails - art.
I pointed vaguely at one and he said Flower. Flower, I replied.
So back to work and when he was done he tugged at my rolled-up jeans.
I looked down and lo and behold he'd crafted tinyflowers with toothpicks and sparkles and paint. A tiny triumph.
Quite a master miniaturist of floral pedi creations, he was quite proud of himself.
And then YT proudly showed off her toes at the dinner party last night.
After first inquiring who'd like to see my toes.
NOBODY scowled Liz.
As YT unlaced her bitchin Pumas.
The girls did marvel at the Asian man's handiwork.

Time to make and do, wrap and roll.
Off to fete three at once over birthday dinner, an artist pal's exhibition, some arcade games, some meeting & greeting.
And tomorrow, another visit to Broadway Market to make some stock images of all things sausage, butter lamb, and lily.
Another fine band name.

Love of naming bands.