Monday, April 27, 2009

Image from CEPA Gallery Visions of Greater Buffalo charity auction event this past Saturday night. Yours Truly, wearing fav green belt, in a self-port milieu, next to Sherry Burns.

YT wishes that she could recall with absolute clarity just who in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks it is who is her pal who revealed that they Love their dentist.
And, in reply to their expression, YT stated that she feels the same.
One should Love their dentist.
YT had the verysame dentist from childhood until late 20's, until his retirement.
I adored him.
He was a lefty (as most good men are) and was prone to getting tangled up in a good story (always egged on, as they say, by YT), lowering his mask, leaning back against a counter, arms crossed.
He worked in the Brisbane Building of downtown Middling City and YT always loved going there and going up to his office in the shambling elevator.
The waiting room furniture never changed, there was a faux lemon tree.
YT has some signage from her childhood shoe store and desperately wishes that she had the faux lemon tree of her childhood/near-lifelong dentist.
So there was the retirement.
Then there was another lefty dentist who acquired some of the practice.
But as wacky of a sense of humour that Dentist2 had, the drive to his office was a bummer.
So then there is Dentist3.
A delightful Deadhead and he just simply adores YT (a fact intuited but also backed up by the receptionist who stated today that Some patients are ... you know. But others are just so nice to see. When I told Dr. Deadhead that You were coming in, he said Oh good.
Dr. Deadhead and I talk music - concerts, recordings, and the like.
What we've seen, You know.
I told him that Phish hired YT for images for one of their live recordings, at Darien Lake.
And Dr. Deadhead and I, as it turns out, were at one of thee finest, earliest Phish shows in 1990 - at Arena Rollerskating Rink in the MC.
Dr. Deadhead today removed the last of my silver fillings and now I am like a house rid of old lead paint.
(sidebar: So loving Kings of Leon once again, immediately.)
Dr. Deadhead so juiced up my jaw with novacaine that YT is still a little tingly from that.
Fercrissakes, Dr. Deadhead, sometimes less is more.

Less Love is never an option Love.

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