Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Perfect day, as is annual custom.
For today is the birth anniversary of John, and that of Kerly, and K-T.
And tomorrow is the anniversary of the 10/10 that I popped out in the Middling City, having a look around, and then a hearty wail before embarking on a life on the artful, golden path.
Your homework assignment:
Watch this vid, then write a short essay (200 words) about one of the following:
1. Benefits and downfalls of an all-white interior.
2. Owning the world's most Perfect nose.
3. Romanticism in such famed and departed males as John Lennon, Robert Creeley, John Donne, and Paul Newman. In that order.
4. Benefits and downfalls of living in the Shiney Apple.
5. Pulling off the headband, as in making it look chic rather than doofy - not yanking it off a pal's head in a helpful flash.

Today had two gigs in two different hospitals, one mainly for adults, one mainly for children.
So if You are ever thinking You are having a bad freaking day, think of small children in sterile (hopefully) rooms with small i.v.'s taped to boards to their little arms.

Onwards to a party held in the honour of Yours Truly at chez Liz.
Time to make, do, and Veuve.

VC and BD Love.