Friday, June 20, 2008

Thought it was high time to share a recent favoured image, gleaned from an online image bank. I like how glowingly Obama appears alongside Kennedy. And this is, obviously, weeks before it was discovered that he has a brain tumor.
This was when the stumping gloves were on and both Obama and Clinton suspected they were the chosen nominee.
Technically, there could be a change in nominee. Until all delegates have pledged their support, and votes are tallied, there could be an unlikely change.
Hi refusal of public money for his campaign is honorable and the R's should also pledge to spare the public the financing of presidential campaigns. Obama has shown the power of online fundraising. And blah blah, an R pal said Oh, here he goes, showing his true colours already, changing his position and going against his (campaign financing) word. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Speaking of the high-flying world of finance, all is coming together for the benefit that I'm helping to coordinate - Paws for Charlie. I named the event, and You know what a fan I am of the homonym. So there You have it - Paws/Pause. Dig.
The event is 7.13.08 and money will be gathered together to purchase a companion dog for Charlie, a three-year old with autism, and will go toward funding programming for Buffalo Companion Animal Network.

Just ran to CEPA to finally pick up my Josh Marks piece. Unwrapped it and had forgotten what it looks like, how large it is. It will have to be shoehorned into the collection somehow. Back to the home office hovel spotted a resident of the Middling City's historic Old First Ward in a nearly-vintage NYNEX Premium Goods t-shirt, giveaways years ago. And, whilst marveling, thought There is no other MC neighborhood that has residents in these PG shirts. Recently, I spotted another resident in same. And I'm sure that these two separate individuals and PG shirt wearers are not sharing closet space.


Premium, Good Love.