Friday, March 28, 2008

There was Yours Truly, ever minding mine own beeswax, as is my wont.
I knocked on the door of the photo portraitee in question and heard a Come in.
There before YT was this pup, a yorki-poo, one of those newfangled canine inventions, or amalgamations if You will.
YT quickly deposited both cam and laptop bag onto a nearby chair and got down to puppy business, rumpling this pup's ears, tossing her little pup toys.
It has been a delightful cavalcade of ports lately.
It is now time for YT to motor out to a gig, an event just off of the circular highways and biways that make nearly all a tidy twenty minute commute.
Began watching final act - number 5 - of Spike Lee's When the Levee Breaks, as it's being shown as part of the Whitney Biennial I thought I'd give this most important doc its viewing due.

Time to make, do, drive, and oso much more.
Fluffy, puppy Love.