Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Mill Fill Day to You.
Happy Mill Fill Day to You.
Happy Mill Fill Day to Yoooouu ...
Happy Mill Fill Day to You.

Today is the, uhh, according to the calculations of Yours Truly, 207th birth anniversary of Millard Fillmore, US President 13, a Whigguh, and late in his career a founder of the Big U of the Middling City.
His alleged final statement before shuffling from Buffalo to the other big U's (Universe's) Nether Regions was "The nourishment is palatable," regarding some soup someone had slipped him on a deathbedly spoon.

This image, You may wonder, is a pretty wreath laid at the monument of Fillmore. Each year there's a gathering at this monument in Forest Lawn Cemetery and wreaths are presented by the President of the U.S., Buffalo Club, and Forest Lawn.
There were three tiny flags in front of the obelisk, quite poetic in their diminutive statement, thrust into the thawed mud of winter.

Green is showing all over as the snow is thawed away.
Yours Truly is next tossing together an art proposal to make and do in the pubic sphere, a benefit for Squeaky Wheel.
Details surely to follow.

Following, detailing Love.