Friday, December 19, 2008

Today is Nephew's 17th birthday so therefor called to give him my trad harmonic-blast-o-rific birthday blues-esque spoken word greeting.
Who does not remember the magical age of 17 when you're teetering at the precipice of adulthood and drifting out of the less-assured childhood years.
Teetering and drifting entirely sums up the teen miasma.

Today is also the birthday of my longtime rock&rolla pal Marty Boratin and Erin's baby boy who got his first taste of Middling City Bison chip dip from his Auntie Nance this past summer.

The Middling City is in beautiful, blizzarding throes with snow raining down.
Just looked out window and there's a respite in process. Pro-sess, as they say up in Canada. Time for more snow removal before a snowshoe date in the wilds of Delaware Park.

Gathered with girls last night at Polly's and am slated to hit a holiday party this fine evening. Nobody in the Middling City lets a blizzard, driving ban, or any other natural catastrophe from keeping one from a party.

Have AWD, have chain saw, will travel and forge ahead.

Forging, shoveling Love.