Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yours Truly, You will not be shocked, was minding her business.
There I was wending behind a group on a tour of the bigU's dental school when confronted with this Perfect moment.
It resulted in the image above that YT has entitled, ever so succinctly, as is my wont, Exit/Bald/Duck/Rack.
YT did not recall that the denizen of the laboratory just about to be entered is a connoisseur of all things taxidermy, also one of Eremite's sub-specialties.
NB: This taxidermist lovingly placed some grass, much like the type ducks like to walk upon when vital.
Yesterday was a flurry of gigs, with pixels fluttering behind me, a veritable cloud of productivity surrounding my ever-imaging head.
YT did use her patented phrase Watch my squeezy dog, to get the attention of adults and children alike.
When not questioned about the statement's sense, or veracity YT feels like she might be among people of her ilk.

Today has been dubbed Cello Day by me.
For the past hour or so have been listening to Yo-Yo Ma's solo cello release, enthusiastically downloaded after listening to Fred's cello mastery, after listening to all the songs crafted to date by Kings of Leon.
For, You see, YT has been up since post-asscrack of dawn pushing the pixels to their respective proper places - online orders, albums, folders, and the like.

Images from my 2nd Annual Old First Ward Pub Stroll (another blazing success) will be online later. Thirty or so came and went and strolled and sipped.
The night was a wondrous 70ยบ so it was a fairly jacket-free affair.
As per the special request of Deb, we strolled to Malamute (which, btw, last year smelled quite rank) after Swannie - our last two stops.
The itinerary: Adolph's, McCarthy's, Cook's, Swannie, Malamute.
At each stop we would request sippy cups to go onwards.
One cocktail was tragically dropped, to which one stroller shouted That's why we can't have nice things.
Everyone was in good humour, and, as I texted to Heady yesterday during a weddingshoot, it all felt cozy.

Onwards to ever more pixels.

Ever more, Love.