Friday, June 06, 2008

Latest in the ongoing, scintillating Accidental Series.
This image is entitled "Cops Coming: Corporate Challenge's Beginning, Blurred from the hip."
After a day of gigging, and showing the Middling City sites to Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm (including those cataracts near the casinos), made images of Corporate Challenge. As is tradition.
The stretching, the hydrating, the puzzling pre-race beer sippers, the pinnings of paper numbers, the hoopla of the half-day tent complex of an array of company barbecues. Some orgs/companies (such as the BigU) go all out with tent, buffet, goodie bags, whereas other companies have little more than a 10x10 tent with a party sub sliced up on a card table and a cooler full of bevvies.
Fred wanted wings and, of course, Yours Truly took him for take-out at Gabriel's.
He wavered at his choice but ordered bbq wings.
We took them back to Kennedy's and we three ate pre-gig wings (Fred played last night at Hallwalls); YT ate four wings, as many as YT has eaten in the last six years.
After hosing off the bbq slop, Fred dropped me off at an edge of the race boundary and YT trotted madly to the U.B. tent on the other, far side of the meadow.
At the cataracts Fred revealed himself to be quite the Nikolai Tesla scholar.
A lifelong scholar of all things DC.
I announced that a bonus to our Niagara Falls day trip would be that Fred could not only see the Tesla bronze near the edge on Goat Island, but that he could crawl up onto Tesla's lap.
He was skeptical, even after we'd parked in the nearby lot, walked to the sculpture, and YT pointed to the very burnished spots on Tesla's hands and lapbones.
See, YT, said, so many people clamber onto him that he's shining.
After some more additional, gentle prodding, Fred took the plunge, and climbed atop the opened lap of Tesla.

His gig last night, replete with Canadianathusiasm to the max, with Steve and Ravi was super as the outside skies first lightened with increasing intensity and then a thunderstorm assailed the MC – the first of an audacious series by Nature.

Rain rain Love.