Friday, April 25, 2008

Minding my own business, as is my eternal wont, I found myself in the Gallic presence of one documentary filmmaker and environmental activist (and longtime colleague of Bruce Jackson & Diane Christian) Jean Malaurié.
Yours Truly photographed him during a ceremonial gathering at the bigU where he received an honorary doctorate, and then later at a small event.
Somewhere in the workalot mix YT thinks documentary/film/sleddogs/Malaurié/Mallory/Nature and amid this formula there is some discombobulation.
Kennedy is a big fan of M, YT states to Bruce Jackson.
Ohh, he quizzically enthuses, raising his bushy eyebrows.
Oh yes, YT continued, a big fan, we've watched some of his films.
Well, much later, YT asks Kennedy for a little clarity. Or, rather, YT sauntered into a room pronouncing I MET MALAURIE.
Who, he asked.
Jean Malaurié, the filmmaker.
Never heard of him, he sputtered.
No, you KNOW, the dogsled movie, the igloo (Jackson had showed a snippet of said film at the bigU event), the little fire ...
I know Mallory, never heard of Malaurié.
Mystery solved.
Homonyms, oso tricky.
Anyhoo, this homonymic hominid is très involved with global warming issues, and the like. And double anyhoo, above is an image of Jean et moi.
And below is my image with Heady's new pup, a delightful lapdogesque two-toned working dog, Uma. A delight, as are the house's other creatures.

Time to motor south to Gowanda/North Collins to make some images of a drumming man, a drum corpsing man, to be most precise.

Love of Precision.

+ helpful reminder.
CEPA Auction tomorrow, featuring photo-based gems of all shapes and sizes (usually rectilinear), including: