Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zoom Your eyes into the small, white vertical rectangle to see the Middling City's Saint-to-be, Father Nelson Baker.
Of Basilica fame at the top of the hillock in Lackawanna.
This is yet another image from the Irish Parade and Yours Truly, ever a Father Baker fan (who has named a succession of cars Nelson in his Lucky honour), was most heartened to see his likeness make the long line of floats and the like.
It is rather a shame and shambles that the float could not have been a bit more, how shall YT say, well put together.
Wash the truck. Polish the truck. Add sparkles around the Father Baker poster. Have the children on the wagon dressed identically and doing a Father Baker dance.
And oso many more.
Onwards to deadline fun.

Foggy, soggy Love.