Thursday, October 11, 2007

Perusing and musing upon the images above You wonder.
Monk, Lennon, Toshi, Yours Truly.

It is here duly notated and noted that Literal Harold made the image of YT, up in Ontario after we dined at Happy Jack's. A childhood memory for both of us. A place where it's difficult to order anything green, non-fried. We each ordered fancy cocktails, with promising names. In lieu of these promised bevvies with exotic ingredient, we received pineapple juice with probably whatever bottle was closest. Literal Harold's arrived in a hurricane glass, mine in ceramic pineapple. This image of YT was made down the road a piece alongside May Wah (or was it Mah Johng), where YT asked Do you feel in competition with next door. To which they politely answered No, we focus more on fresh foods here. We discovered this sign closer to a biker kind of bbq joint whose name escapes me, where they proffer up Feeb on Meck for a really good price, despite the loonie-to-dollar relationship.

What do we all have in common.
Well, let me tell You.
Lennon and Toshi celebrated the anniversary of their births on 10/9.
Monk and Yours Truly yesterday, 10/10.
Most fanciful fun, a cavalcade of messages and wishes via all genres of media for b-day wishes. A celebratory dinner with Kennedy, with the fam, and tonight with the Solid Gold Bookers posse to be followed by pole dancing class.
YT assigned to one and all pole dancing nomenclatures.
Tonight, at the privée 9 p.m. class, YT becomes Destiny.
Depending on the action there may be photos posted tomorrow post haste.
Post pole interplay.
Time for more pixel management and more.

Polling about Love.